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Hello world is right! This is and will be the place for Glory of Heroes! Not only that, but this is the first post for the site that will host this wonderful game.

You may be sitting there thinking:

“Why in the world is this guy so proud of something that isn’t even finished?”

I will tell you why, mister or misses smarty pants, because I have a vision! I, Joshua Pack, have a vision of a video game that I think others, including myself, will enjoy. Whether or not you will be with me, is a different story. This website is not just a place to download the game; it will also be a community of people helping to shape the game!

Do you understand what I just said!?!?

I said, you will help shape the game. That means this game will be as fun as you want it to be; as crazy as you want it to be; as stupid you want it to be.

You might just be asking me:

“Joshua, Mr Pack, how could I, a lonely 13 year old in my parent’s basement, be able to help with this game?”

That there is a WONDERful question. I will tell you later, because right now, I have to get going. So stay tuned!